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What is the different among Basic, Gold and Ultimate Edition of the software?

As you have heard , Our every software comes in 3 Variants 1. Basic, 2. Gold and 3. Ultimate Edition. Lets see how they are different…. Basic Edition Basic Edition is for smaller businesses. It comes with less support, Installation and Single computer operation. Every basic edition installs over a single computer and a little bit buggy. It means it may show some problem if your computer will get any issue. The software is totally depends upon your computer.  How ever you can use the software as a multi user interface but you can’t use it in different devices. Let’s see it’s features:

  • Fast Installation
  • Zero-Virus Operation
  • Secure Database
  • Multi User
  • Report Generation

Gold Edition Gold Edition is stable and can be accessed from more than one computer or devices. It comes with Automatic Database backup with in the device and more add-ons support.

  • All the Basic Features
  • Automatic Database Backup (With in Device)
  • Multi – User / Multi Device Access
  • Free Updates
  • Excel Integration (Add-On)
  • Mobile Application (Add-On)
  • Cloud Backup (Add-On)
  • And Tons of other Add-ons to Choose From

Ultimate Edition Ultimate edition comes with Cloud Installation, Anywhere access and more. Let’s see the details:

  • All the Gold Features
  • Cloud Installation
  • Automatic Updates
  • Anywhere Access
  • Free Mobile Application (Android and iOS)
  • Free Cloud Backup (Database and Files)
  • Database Assurance
  • Device Free Operation
  • Priority Support
  • Tons of Add-ons

I am a developer and just want to make some different in everything which is possible :)