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What’s New in Store Mate 7.1?

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What’s New in Store Mate 7.1?

We have started rolling out the 7.1 update to the Store Mate Users, Fixed a lot’s of bugs previously on found on the Store Mate 7.0 Version. So, let’s see what’s new you are getting here :

What’s New in 7.0 ?

Accounts: The biggest change in the software is “Accounts”. We have added accounts function with in the software to make it more simple to calculate and report transactions. Now you can manage your capital, liabilities and assets with Store Mate. Account is the most needed function in a store management software, We included this with some short features, but we will be adding more features rapidly. Now let’s see how doe’s it works :

Individual Tax for Sales & Purchases: Some products comes with lower purchase tax and higher sales tax, For Ex:In textile, you brought a product in 995 and selling it on 1,100, You need to purchase it on 5% TAX while when you will sell it you need to pay a 12% TAX as it’s over 1,000. In  this case you have to choose 2 different kind of taxes with the product. Now you can do this with Store Mate.

One Page Operation: This was the most waited update in Store Mate. It’s very irritating to add the Brands, Categories, Units from other page and then come to add product. No more multi-page operations. Now you can add Brands, Categories, Sub- Categories, Units and Suppliers from the “Add Product” Page. So that now you can add products more faster.

More Options for Variants :

There are 2 new options for variants:

1. Colour: Now You can add product’s colour to the variant for more customization. Colour Option comes with visual product colour selection, so that you can see what colour you are exactly choosing. You can also add tons of your own selected colours any time to the Store Mate.

2. Product Cost Addition: You can now add extra cost of the product variant. It helps you when you are buying a variant of product with some extra price than it’s another variant.

Free Product: When you are selling a combo product, some time you need to sell a product for free with others, You can now select a free product while making a combo product. This will surely help you to create products like buy 1 get 1 free or buy 2 get 1 free, etc.

New Options to Add Sale & Add Purchase : On Add Sell Page, now you can add custom Round Off Amount and also you can add as many as new charge you want. It’s now very easy to set any charge you have not decided before.  When you are selecting any payment method like: Partially Paid or Paid, you will get another option which will help you selecting the amount being received to which account. This will add the amount to the account and will update the balance as per the value.

GST Reports: Now Store Mate can generate automated GST Report with in the  Software. You can export the report in excel format to make further modification or export it as a json file for further proceedings.  You can also filter the report as per your need such as from specific biller/tax percentage etc.

Balance Sheet & Profit and loss Statement : As per the need of accounts, every one want to know the balance sheet and the Profit and Loss Statement of the business. Store Mate can generate it automatically with just a click. You can further modify or filter the report as per your need.

Pie Chart of Customer: On Customer Details page, You can see a graphical report of the customer’s Sales, Payments and Balance Amount. Made it more beautiful to see how the customer’s relation is being made.

Bug Fixes in Store Mate 7.1 : We have fixed some known bugs in 7.0 :

  1. Fixed the Reference Number Generation issue
  2. Fixed the Bar Code Issue (Some times barcode was not able to generate)
  3. Fixed the Edit Purchase Issue
  4. Fixed the Product Edit issue on POS/Add Sale and Add Purchase page
  5. Fixed some database Security Breeches
  6. Updated the Code Igniter to the latest
  7. Improvements

I am a developer and just want to make some different in everything which is possible :)