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Why Database Backup is So Important?

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Why Database Backup is So Important?

Many time we use our computers roughly, and that causes our computer crashes and ends up with errors. Some time virus infection causes our computer’s malfunction. It happens many times…. But all these things doesn’t matters!! These types of problems causes data loss. All the data we have written/saved in our software goes wrong and we lose our data easily. Our Financial and Business data are important for us. No one wants to lose it!!  So, How can we save it with out doing anything!!?  

TBS Brings you the solution to data  loss! We will take care of your data over the cloud. You don’t need to do anything, all the data will be uploaded to our cloud server and will be encrypted for security reasons. So that your data can remain safe and untouched over our cloud servers.

Some great reasons of Data loss:

+ - Virus Infection

Virus Infection is an usual and very simple way of data loss. Viruses can infect/ delete/ corrupt our data with out our knowledge. Viruses can come from regular using of internet, Pen-Drives, Cards, E-mails, etc. It is recommended that you should use an antivirus program to avoid virus infection. But now days no any antivirus program are 100% capable to catch virus and remove them from your computer as there are tons of new viruses are being built every day.

+ - Power Surge

Power Surge can happen anytime as the constant electricity is not possible everywhere. Power surge can harm your computer and hard-disk. If your hard-disk once got damaged, then it is very hard to recover data from the disk. Some times just the operating system got corrupted, in this case your data can be recovered but it costs your money to recover data from your corrupted operating system. Some times you lose data completely!! It is recommended to use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with your computer.

+ - Thieft or Incedent

There are also chances of Theft or any Dangerous incidents like Burn , Tsunami etc. You data can lost in many ways. You can save your data with the Backup Solution to make sure that all of your   data are secure with the cloud.

Benefits of Database Backup:

+ - Stay Updated with latest Notification

Get latest Notification from the TBS’S Server , stay updated about your Subscriptions, Renewals and Latest News. Get Automatic Updates and one click Website Conversion, Free Virus Scanner, Database Assurance and many more!

+ - Database Assurance

All of your data will remain always safe with the latest cloud technology. Databases will be syncronised periodically when ever you connect to the internet. The best thing is that you don’t have to do anything for the database backup. Your every work will go as regular. Just sit back and relax, your software will automatically backup everything with-in your software so that you can save your time from manual backup. The database backup is cloud based, that’s why you don’t need to worry about your device. Your data will remain safe even if your device get crashed, burned or theft. No matte what ever happened to your device, your data will remain safe every time.

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