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Cloud LIB – Cloud Based Library Automation

Cloud LIB is a complete solution for larger libraries. It has the capacity to handle Lakhs of Book’s Database integrated with Student’s Database. Automatic Cloud Backup, Anywhere Access and No-Installation mode makes it the best Library Solution. Can you Imagine a software that is accessible from anywhere in the world with out installing it? Even from your smart phone or gaming console!!!

Managing library is a difficult task , specially when there are more than thousand books and students. Cloud – lib makes it easier to manage a large library with just a click. Bar code integrated Library Card and Books makes it more easier and faster to issue, return and search books or members. A Faster convenience way of managing library , you have never imagined ever before! Let’s see all the features of the software.

+ - Books Management

Managing Books was never so easy. We have the easiest way to manage books with in the software.

  • Add Books with it’s details
  • Search Books with Filters and Bar Code
  • Issue or Return Books with just a Scan
  • Store Data of Unlimited Books
  • Books Reports and Price Calculation
  • Lost Books Report
  • Bar Code Generation
  • Bulk Books Import
  • Author Management
  • Category Management

+ - Member Management

Not only managing books, You can manage your members easily with Cloud-LIB.

  • Member’s Profile
  • Library Card
  • Bar Code Integration
  • One Click Members Search with Bar Code
  • Member search with filters
  • Member’s Details
  • Notification System
  • SMS Integration
  • Member Types
  • Unlimited Users

+ - Reports

Creating Reports are necessary for a library, With Cloud-LIB you can create tons of reports easily. The Excel Integration makes it more easier to generate reports with graphs.

  • Borrowed Books Report
  • Lost Books Report
  • Returned Books Report
  • Quick Inventory
  • User Reports

Besides those above mentioned features , We have some Interesting and awesome features for database safety and ease. Let’s have a look over them:

We are using the all new cloud technology , so that your database can remain safe and secure. This technology also power us to provide anywhere access and database synchronization. Helps us provide better updates and fixes also enables the ability to access software from a mobile application. Cloud makes sure that all of your data are safe and secure from any one and available to access from anywhere in the world. Not only this , it saves you from any dangerous ans suspicious activity such as virus infection and fraud or hacking.

Cross Platform:

The Software is built with PHP, MYSql, and Java Script and hence it is compatible with any operating system or device. No need of specific operating system or device to run our any software. This is why you can access your data from your computer, smart-phones, tablets or even from your Gaming Consoles such as PS3, PS4, Xbox etc.

You can Even access the software with out installing it in your device as it is already installed over the cloud. Just a browser and boom….. You are done. How ever Excel Integration needs Microsoft Office Excel Installed on your device

Anywhere Access:

The power of cloud gives you the ability to access your database from anywhere in the world. Even if you are not available or your software is closed for now. The faster, easier and a secure way to make your business accessible from anywhere, anytime and any moment.

No Installation, No Registration just one click access. This is the future of the Business.

I am a developer and just want to make some different in everything which is possible :)