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Store Mate – A Complete Solution for Retails and Wholesales

Hey, Have you ever imagined how easier can be your store/shop to manage with Store Mate by TBS? Everything with just a click you can manage your stocks/products, accounts, staff, expenses and analyse your business with tons of available report formats, custom report and cloud analysis. From management to analysis, you just need an one stop solution , which we are providing you many tools such as Cloud Backup, Auto Sync, Mobile Application, Anywhere Access, etc. Let’s learn more about the software….

An affordable solution for every shops. Actually we are using the cloud computing technology to serve everyone with the ease and feature-rich environment. Things like billing, accounting, purchase entry, sales entry and invoice making are becoming more easier with the software, so that you can take your time to analyse your business and take further steps to improve it. In a word – just seat back and relax , everything related to management will be handled through the software. Analysis and report generation is now just a click away from you.

+ - Stock/Product Management

Products Management was never so easy. TBS makes it more easier and faster to manage stock. With just a scan you can get every kind of report from stock counts to single product information. Manage products Category Wise, Sub Category Wise, Brand Wise, and even Unit Wise with just a click away.

  • Automatic Sales Deduction
  • Re addition on Return
  • Multiple Variants Management
  • Multiple Units Management
  • Product Wise Tax
  • Promotional Price
  • Product Group
  • Product Types (Standard, Combo, Digital, Service)
  • Bar Code/QR Code Generation
  • Quantity Alert
  • Multiple Warehouse/Shops
  • Supplier Management
  • One Click Report
  • Scan and Search

+ - Sales Management

One Click Sales Management with Point of sales option. We have made it more easier to manage retail sales management with all new POS Feature. The software now separates your wholesale and retail sales automatically based on your selection or users.

  • POS
  • Bar Code Detection
  • Customer Module
  • Customer Wise Price Selection
  • Auto Price Deducation
  • Gift Card Option
  • Over Sales Warning
  • Extra Charge Adition
  • Product wise Discount
  • Order Discount
  • Auto TAX rate division and calculation
  • Receipt and invoice option
  • One Click Report Generation
  • Return Sales Management

+ - POS(Point of Sale)

Point of Sales option makes your sales faster than before. It has easier options and faster processing actions to make your billing faster while using retails.

  • Generate List
  • Warehouse Selection
  • Payment Option
  • Product Browser
  • Suspend Sale
  • Print Bill
  • Finalise Sale
  • Keep Change
  • Discount Addition
  • Extra Price Addition
  • Order Tax
  • Sales Note/Staff Note
  • Bill Note
  • Automatic Print Screen

+ - Purchase Management

Managing Purchases is no more a difficult task. Manage your Credit, Stocks, Products, Suppliers everything with the help of TBS. Supplier wise products and invoice details makes it more easier to manage you purchase.

  • Auto Stock Addition
  • Bar Code Integration to make purchase faster
  • Auto Quantity detection for Bar Code Printing
  • Supplier Information
  • Date Adjustment with time
  • Discount Management
  • Order Tax
  • Purchase Status
  • Payment Status
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Supplier Account
  • Purchase/Staff Note
  • Shipping Management
  • Auto Unit Calculation
  • Purchase Return Management

+ - Bar Code Integration

Bar Code Integration makes your life more simpler while makes your sales or purchase more faster and accurate. TBS has the ability to generate bar code not only for individual products, but also at the invoices, receipts, etc. so you can search/find anything faster in your software.

  • Multi Format Bar Code Support
  • Product Bar Code Generation
  • Multiple Styles for Bar Code
  • One Click Bar Code Generation
  • Auto quantity Detection
  • Responsive Print Format
  • Invoice Bar Code Generation
  • Receipt Bar Code Generation

+ - Accounts Management

You can manage accounts separately so that you get get better and more accurate results of your finance. Account management is also as easy as a click.

  • Customer Accounts
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Advance Payments (Deposit)
  • Payment Status (Paid, Pending, Due, Partial)
  • Separate Accounts View
  • Detailed Report Generation with Filters
  • Transaction Reports

+ - Expance Management

Expanse Management is the easiest way to calculate regular expanses at our shop or home. You can categorized it to make it more easier to point out. This will help you track your financial management.

  • Custom Category
  • Date and Time Management
  • Expanse Note
  • Payment Type

+ - Report Generation

TBS makes your life more easier by generating tons of reports as per your requirement and knowledge base. Not only ready made reports , you can even generate your own reports with our all new excel integration support.

  • Best Seller Report
  • Register Report
  • Product Quantity Report
  • Products Report
  • Adjustment Reports
  • Categories Report
  • Brands Report
  • Daily Sales
  • Monthly Sales
  • Custom Sales
  • Payments Report
  • Profit and/or Loss Report
  • Daily Purchases
  • Monthly Purchases
  • Custom Purchase Report
  • Expenses Report
  • Customers Report
  • Supplier Report
  • Staff Report

Excel Reports:

  • Stocks Report
  • Margin View
  • Margin Analysis
  • Income Vs Expanse
  • TAX Report (GST Returns and Others)
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchase Analysis
  • And More!!!

Besides those above mentioned features , We have some Interesting and awesome features for database safety and ease. Let’s have a look over them:

We are using the all new cloud technology , so that your database can remain safe and secure. This technology also power us to provide anywhere access and database synchronization. Helps us provide better updates and fixes also enables the ability to access software from a mobile application. Cloud makes sure that all of your data are safe and secure from any one and available to access from anywhere in the world. Not only this , it saves you from any dangerous  ans suspicious activity such as virus infection and fraud or hacking.

Cross Platform: The Software is built with PHP, MYSql, and Java Script and hence it is compatible with any operating system or device. No need of specific operating system or device to run our any software. This is why you can access your data from your computer, smart-phones, tablets or even from your Gaming Consoles such as PS3, PS4, Xbox etc. You can Even access the software with out installing it in your device as it is already installed over the cloud. Just a browser and boom….. You are done. How ever Excel Integration needs Microsoft Office Excel Installed on your device

Anywhere Access: The power of cloud gives you the ability to access your database from anywhere in the world. Even if you are not available or your software is closed for now. The faster, easier and a secure way to make your business accessible from anywhere, anytime and any moment. No Installation, No Registration just one click access. This is the future of the Business.

I am a developer and just want to make some different in everything which is possible :)