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Introducing Quick Commands

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Introducing Quick Commands

Hello Every One, Let me introduce the Quick Commands for Store Mate. Quick Commands makes it more easier to Search or take action. Not just easier, it’s the more faster way to take action or switch pages. Just imagine you can now go to any page like POS, List Sales, System Settings, or somewhere else by just typing some letter of the page? Is not it amazing? Let’s See how it works?

You just need to press the F2 Key from the keyboard to open the Quick Commands Dialog. The Quick Command Dialog Looks like this:

The Quick Commands Dialog has 2 Parts:

1. Text Field :The Text Field Contains a Text Field to Type in – Type what ever you want to search for in Commands.

2. Commands :The Commands area shows the filtered commands from the keywords you typed in the Text Field. You can navigate to any commands here just by pressing the Up or Down button from your keyboard. Or you can also navigate them with your mouse. You need to press Enter on your keyboard to run the command or simply click there to run it by your mouse.

I am a developer and just want to make some different in everything which is possible :)