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Multi User Control with Permission Control

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Multi User Control with Permission Control

Multi User is a necessary feature nowadays, Because every one wants to focus over multiple businesses and handling multiple businesses is not as easy as we say. We need more person to handle individual business. But When it comes to Store Mate, You don’t need to think about it too much! Just create users customize their permission and done!

Let’s See How you can Control your Users with Store Mate:

So, How Multi User with User Permission will help you through your regular maintenance?

It’s Simple! More users will help your business grow more quickly by sharing the work loads and multi user is not just to grant users permission , It also gives you the power to manage your business module with more ease with some extra functionality such as: Payroll management, Multi user Business Analysis and tons of features loaded with.

I am a developer and just want to make some different in everything which is possible :)