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What’s App Integration for Store Mate

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What’s App Integration for Store Mate

What’s App Integration for Store Mate is a full featured add-on, will be available from 1st January 2019. This will help you to interact with your customer in a more faster and easier way. You can send Order Updates, Invoices, Balance Reminders, Birthday wishes or any customer promotional message to your customer’s whats app directly from store mate just like SMS. Is not it a good news?    

It will be more easier now to interact with customer with out doing anything. All the tasks will be automated. You don’t need to send whats app separately, Store Mate will send the messages automatically as you work. For example, if you are adding a customer for the first time and he/she is using whats app, a welcome message will be sent automatically with greetings to the customer’s whats app.

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